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Intelligent water and fertilizer machine

Intelligent water and fertilizer machine

The intelligent water and fertilizer integrated machine is a new technology that combines irrigation and fertilization. A water and fertilizer device uses a pressure system (or natural terrain drop) to integrate the mixed fertilizer solution with irrigation water according to soil nutrient content and crop fertilizer requirements, and then uses a controllable pipeline system to pass through the pipeline. It forms drip irrigation with the dripper, and evenly, regularly and quantitatively infiltrates the growth area of the root system of the crop, supplies water and fertilizer through a controllable pipeline system, and integrates the water and fertilizer, and forms sprinkler irrigation through the pipeline and the dripper. , Quantitatively infiltrate the crop root growth area, so that the main root soil always maintains a loose and suitable water content. The rules of water, fertilizer, and medicine are required, and different requirements are designed for the main root soil to ensure the balance of nutrients such as water, nutrients, and pesticides in crops within a certain period of time.

Using a water and fertilizer machine has the following advantages:

      According to the amount of fertilizer in the soil, the crops can be fertilized in a certain proportion to save the amount of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer;

      Can save water, save water and water;

      Improve efficiency during planting. Reduce manpower consumption and save labor. It increases crop yield and income, and saves costs, materials, manpower and time.

How the water and fertilizer machine works:

      1. Industrial-grade operating system, equipped with Linux operating system, equipped with 7-inch color LCD resistive touch screen; built-in system software: data acquisition, data display, data storage, data report download, support for local network parameter setting, sensor parameter setting, sensor Linkage control, EC/PH value exceeds the upper and lower limit alarm.

      2. Multi-function equipment interface, with RJ45 network port, RS485, wireless 4G, NB, LoRa networking communication interface, with 3-6 water and fertilizer channel configuration, 3-6 channel water and fertilizer independent metering monitoring, irrigation water metering monitoring, with 500 Editing and manual, automatic and linkage control of each fertilization and irrigation execution plan. With tens of thousands of intelligent irrigation terminals wireless networking linkage control.

      3. It is suitable for a variety of different irrigation methods. The system is scalable and flexible, and can perform sub-regional and multi-channel centralized or decentralized intelligent control. Suitable for various irrigation methods (drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, etc.).

      4. The degree of intelligence is high, saving time and worry, and the system reliability is high. It is equipped with one-key automatic switching, and the operation process is more convenient. The system has control connection modes that meet different conditions, and the control devices can be connected wirelessly or wiredly.

      5. Provide a variety of control methods, the system has data analysis, decision-making and other functions, using sensors or setting content as the control conditions for irrigation operation to achieve intelligent irrigation. The system can realize on-site remote control, manual, remote mobile phone and computer control functions.

Intelligent water and fertilizer machine
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