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Labyrinth drip irrigation tape

Labyrinth drip irrigation tape

The drip irrigation belt uses a plastic pipe (drip irrigation pipe) to send water to the root of the crop through the orifice or dripper on the capillary tube with a diameter of about 10mm for local irrigation. It is a dripper or drip irrigation belt with a very small outlet orifice, which drips water evenly and slowly into the soil near the roots of the crops

Product function:

It is an effective water-saving irrigation method in arid and water-deficient areas at present, and its water utilization rate can reach 95%. Drip irrigation has higher water-saving and yield-increasing effects than sprinkler irrigation, and can be combined with fertilization to more than double the fertilizer efficiency. It can be used for irrigation of fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops and greenhouses, and can also be used for field crop irrigation in dry and water-deficient places. The disadvantage is that the dripper is easy to scale and block, so the water source should be strictly filtered. At present, domestic equipment has basically passed the test, and areas with conditions should actively develop drip irrigation.


1. The labyrinth flow channel and the drip hole are formed by one-time vacuum hot pressing, with good adhesion and high manufacturing precision.

2. Multi-port water outlet in turbulent flow state, strong anti-blocking ability. 3. Labyrinth flow channel design, uniform water output, up to 85%, and laying up to 80m.

4. Light weight, convenient installation and management, low manual installation cost.

However, the labyrinth drip irrigation belt has inherent deficiencies. Compared with the embedded patch drip irrigation belt, it has the following characteristics:

1. The built-in dripper has its own filter window, which has good anti-blocking performance.

2. Turbulent flow channel design. Water evenly.

3. The dripper and pipeline have strong integrity,

4. The distance between the drippers can be adjusted flexibly, and the scope of application is wide.

Labyrinth drip irrigation tape
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