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product description:

Chinese name: Dijian Working pressure: 0.8-1.5bar Single arrow flow: 1.0L/hr Properties: Irrigator


◆ Labyrinth long flow channel arrow handle structure, diaphragm type steady flow dripper, double protection to ensure uniform water output.

◆ Unique diversion disc, infiltration irrigation.

◆ Single arrows, double arrows, four arrows, etc. can be freely grouped, which is convenient for construction.

◆ Working pressure: 0.8-1.5bar, single arrow flow is 1.0L/hr.

◆ It is a suitable irrigation device for crops such as potted flowers, potted plants and seedlings.

Drop Arrow Advantages:

1. It has strong adaptability to changes in water pressure.

2. On the premise of not losing the resistance performance, the flow rate is smaller.

3. Irrigation is uniform, and the uniformity can reach 85-95%

4. The drop arrow is connected with the capillary socket, and the socket and socket are closely matched with the arrow, which is not easy to fall off.

5. The arrow body is small and easy to conceal, and the capillary connected to the drop arrow is very soft and not easy to break.

6. Easy to install and use.

7. The utilization rate of water and fertilizer is high, the pollution to the environment is reduced, the evaporation of water is small, the air humidity is reduced, and the pests and diseases are reduced.

8. High water-saving efficiency, 50-70% less water than manual irrigation, and low operating cost.

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